A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Moving fast not only helps you move around quicker but also charges your ball!  Try to maintain momentum and not stay stopped for a long time, or you'll die and have to start from the beginning!

Dual Design:  Downwell dualized the jump button, so we dualized the moving buttons!  Moving fast is the goal, but not to a finish line like most racing games.  The enemies may give you a boost, but they may also bump you off the map or smother you.  The conveyor belts help you go fast, but they also drain charge!  Edges can kill you but also your opponents.  And lastly, the name has dual meaning: the ball's battery charges whenever its charging through the level.

Intended for PC

Hunter Angelovic: Lead Developer, Designer

Curtis Jensen: Developer, Lead Designer (Email at me@curtisjensen.com)

Install instructions

If you are using Windows make sure you have the folder and executible downloaded and in the same folder (or both on your desktop) or else the program will not work.  We apologize to those who previously tried to download the game and could not because the folder was not on itch.


Charging 29 MB
Charging.exe 22 MB
Charging_Data.zip 17 MB

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